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Founded in 2017 by myself, Tyler Chavis, CPE was nothing more than an accident! After purchasing an '08 CarreraS I suffered a catastrophic engine failure. Being naïve to the downfalls and shortcomings of the M96/7, I had such rebuilt only to suffer yet another failure! With a decrease in cash, an increase in trust issues, and years of knowledge/experience w/ the LS engine platform I set out to perform the most comprehensive LS engine conversion the Porsche world would ever see! Within a year of completion, it was evident how many others had suffered a similar fate shipping cars across the country to us for our clean and quality craftsmanship.

Surprised at just how many cars I was receiving and conversions scheduled well into the following year Chavis Performance & Engineering was born.

Today, with dozens of Porsche LS engine conversions completed and delivered, our in-house conversions and comprehensive mounting, wiring, and peripheral solutions speak for themselves. CPE has come to be the 'Gold Standard' in Porsche LS engine conversions throughout the Porsche community and in turn is more than happy to assist you in everything related to Porsche LS engine conversions. From the bottom of MY heart, thank you for your interest in CPE and we look forward to getting you back in the driver seat of your Porsche regardless of how long its been sitting!

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