CPE 996/997 Oiling Solution

CPE 996/997 Oiling Solution

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Oil is the lifeblood of all modern day IC engines and in turn is critical in keeping bearings happy and healthy.  In our experience a front sump oil pan not only keeps the oil moving towards the pickup upon acceleration but equipped w/ trap doors and baffling mitigates such from sloshing around or moving away from the sump during hard braking and/or complete deceleration!  This package includes …

- (1) LS Oil Pan Gasket w/ Oil Filter

- (1) ACDelco Front Sump Pickup Tube

- (1) 20-854 SS Braided Dipstick

- (1) 22-630/22-631 LS Oil Filter Adapter

- (1) 15-276 LS Front Sump Pan

NOTE: If adding our '3QT Accusump Install Kit' while the main components are included (please see below) MISC lines, fittings, and more are NOT.

- (1) 24-200 Sump Mounting Clamps

- (1) 24-295 Sump Indicator LED Kit

- (1) 24-372X EPC Pro Valve Kit (Electric, 35 PSI)

- (1) 24-006 Accusump 3QT (No Valve)